The Top 100 programme is the brainchild of Awards Intelligence Founder, Mark Llewellyn-Slade. He feels there is a need for a platform to highlight and reward truly influential people who affect and impact society today, across a broad range of sectors. The guiding principle is that people who are genuinely making the world a better place need to be encouraged, thanked and given every opportunity to get their message out.

It is hard work cutting through all the noise on social media, or getting interviewed on national TV, radio or in the mainstream press. Yet these passionate, driven individuals deserve to be heard.


Mark comments: “I want this website to evolve into a centre of excellence. Populated by inspirational people and their stories, passions and beliefs. A place where people can go to find thought-provoking speakers for a particular event perhaps, or where journalists can source commentators for a media article. It’s really an extension of what we have been doing for some 15 years at Awards Intelligence – helping worthy people to get the recognition they deserve via the King’s honours system and top flight business awards.”