Agustin is the founder and CEO of HumanForest which encourages people to share electric bikes to help save the planet.

The business now employs 70 people and Agustin uses his background and experience in Operations to build the brand.

He has been in the mobility apps sector for most of his working life having been part of the Cabify founding team, Spain’s first unicorn – and the first ride-hailing company to achieve positive EBITDA and offset their carbon footprint.

Augustin has always believed that we could help to change how people move, which was re-affirmed when he moved to London to study.

Frustrated with the limited and expensive mobility solutions that were available in the city at the time, he sae an opportunity with bikes. Although there was a gradual improvement in cycling infrastructure, there was still a huge market opportunity under-served by expensive operators.

Creating his own e-bike sharing service addressed environmental and mobility issues while providing a unique mode of transport for everyone to explore and enjoy London.

Highlights of his career include reaching one million rides in London with HumanForest, becoming a B-Corp – one of only two micro-mobility companies in the world to do so – and taking a trip to the Amazon with the Cabify founding team, which inspired his latest business.

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