Iain is pioneering a new approach to education and attainment for disadvantaged children. His mentoring and talent-development programme – MCR Pathways – has proved its life-changing ability to support pupils to achieve better qualifications and to help more young people into further education and employment. It is a programme he has funded and worked on voluntarily for more than 15 years. It now supports over 4,000 young people each week.

In addition, he has generated significant economic benefit to the UK through his exceptional performance as an entrepreneur. In his first role out of university, he turned a small industrial label-printing company into a multi-national corporation that was sold for £27m.

Thereafter he established an executive management and investment business – MCR Holdings – and he has led the transformation of 18 organisations and advised more than 100 others. He has secured around 8,000 sustainable jobs and returned over £700m to investors.

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