Jarrad is a Welsh entrepreneur who is combatting climate change by helping businesses and individuals switch to electric vehicles.

He launched Fleet-e, a fleet and private electric vehicle leasing company in response to Local Authority and Government targets for electric vehicles. The company has a range of electric cars and vans available for lease, salary sacrifice and rental. The company also provides support with installing charging infrastructure to make the switch to EV as easy as possible.

Committed to sustainability, Jarrad has also launched an EV charging provider, PLUG Charging, for EV drivers and fleets who might not have access the ability to install EV charging infrastructure. This company specialises in off-grid EV charging solutions and is launching a mobile EV charging service in 2023. This service will allow fleets to book a rapid EV charge at a location of their choice. Specifically targeting fleet operators looking to switch to EV and areas where EV charging infrastructure might be underserviced.

Jarrad is also the founder of the ‘Race To Zero’ campaign. The campaign brings together athletes from a range of different sports who want to make a positive climate impact through regeneration projects and raising awareness of theirs and their corporate partners impact using carbon accounting tools.

Jarrad was named ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ at the 2022 Cardiff Business Awards and ‘Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2022 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

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