Dr Mark Kotter is the CEO and scientific founder of bit.bio – a synthetic biology company which sets a new standard in the way it engineers a consistent source of stem cells. His personal mission is to address the most important human needs, including cancer and the consequences of poor health due to ageing.

Bit-bio’s work is going to be a major contributor in the emerging field of regenerative medicine in replacing cells lost to the ravages of diseases like dementia or diabetes. It is so innovative that it will do for stem cell biology what CRISPR has done for genetics.

The company was spun out of the University of Cambridge in 2016 and has since raised approximately $200M from Arch Ventures, Foresite Capital, Milky Way, Charles River Laboratories, National Resilience, Tencent, and Puhua Capital among others.

Mark is also the NIHR Clinician Scientist at the University of Cambridge working as the Principal Investigator leading a translational research group focussing on stem cells, human disease modelling, and experimental medicine trials for neurological diseases.

Furthermore, he is the co-founder and scientific advisor for the cultured meat company, Meatable, and the co-founder of the charity, myelopathy.org, which is dedicated to a common form of spinal cord injury that can lead to significant and permanent nerve damage including paralysis and death.

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