William Sachiti is a visionary entrepreneur who owns the UK’s first black-owned driverless car company.

Zimbabwean-born, he is a British entrepreneur, inventor and he is the founder and CEO of Academy of Robotics, an autonomous technology company which is primarily known for developing street-legal self-driving vehicles and solutions for road maintenance.

Worth more than $100 million, Sachiti is making waves in the automotive industry and revolutionising the way we think about transportation.

He started his working life in double glazing before becoming a stockbroker and then finding his calling as an entrepreneur, creating start-ups and technology from inception to acquisition. This involves building teams, creating structure, seeking investment and ultimately selling on.

Williams’ last start-up grew to be one of Uber UK’s largest partners before being acquired by Secret Escapes in 2015. He then went to university to study Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. While there he invented the world’s first Artificially Intelligent robot librarian called Hugh and designed an invisible road network, used by drones to fly and navigate for deliveries.

In 2019 the Academy of Robotics beat some of the largest companies in the world to launch a street legal autonomous vehicle, Kar-go, which was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and is an electric vehicle designed to deliver packages autonomously.

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