Dr Zeke Steer is a creative electrical/software engineer, a robotics scientist and an inventor.

He is the founder and CEO of Milbotix, a company he set up in 2020, to improve the wellbeing of people with communication difficulties. He designed smart socks that use discreet sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor heart rate, sweat levels and movement, so that caregivers can be alerted to early signs of distress in those with conditions such as dementia and non-verbal autism.

From 2022, Dr Steer has been a visiting fellow at the Centre for Health & Clinical Research at the University of West of England.

Prior to setting up Milbotix, he was a senior software engineering at C Software Limited for eight years from 2013 and a research assistant at the school of economics, finance and management research at University of Bristol.

Dr Steer joined L3 Technologies in 2011 as a graduate engineer and was promoted to advance software engineer.

Working as a website designer for a few years until 2007, he then founded and ran Top Toyz, an online retailer of end-of-line toys until 2010.

Dr Steer studied for a doctorate in robotics at University of Bristol and achieved an MEng (Hons) in electrical and electronic engineering at Loughborough University.

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